The Tracc 360 Approach

Let Tracc create impactful and compelling video to help tell your business story. In five simple steps, the Tracc 360 approach will continually help improve your results and provide you with a measurable return on your investment.

Step One


This is where we define your video content strategy. We’ll ask you plenty of questions to gain crucial insight into your business and market. Then between us, we’ll:
  • Understand your key audience
  • Define your message
  • Work out what you’d like to achieve
  • Confirm how video will support your existing marketing mix
  • Agree what success looks like for you
Working out ‘the who’, ‘the what’ and ‘the why’ from the start will save you both time and money. Tracc believes forming a clear strategy is the key to getting video right.
Aramar Solutions – Telegraph Business Club film
Alex Stewart International – Gold Analysis Explainer film

Step Two


So, now we understand what you want and who should be watching your video, it’s time to get creative. Tracc will make impactful video to deliver a quantifiable business return by:

  • Ascertaining the form and style of video best for your brand
  • Establishing how to tell your story effectively
  • Determining your call to action
  • Producing high-quality video which delivers

Rest assured, the Tracc team chosen to work on your project will be made up of industry experts whose skills and experience are closely aligned with your brand and requirements.

Step Three


Your professional video content is ready to be unveiled. Now we need to decide how to get it in front of the right people. Together we’ll look at:

  • Finding the right channels for your audience
  • The best places to promote your video
  • Ensuring the most cost-effective route to market
  • The best ways to optimise your conversion rate

Then, we’ll put a plan together to get the most exposure for your video in the places that will ensure maximum impact.

ARCC Bikes – Brompton Product Film
Cataclean Global – Animation Explainer Film

Step Four


There’s no point in making an excellent video unless you can measure its impact from both an audience and business perspective. During this stage we’ll:

  • Identify your campaign goals
  • Put together metrics to measure their performance
  • Provide you with reports and statistics on how your video is performing
  • Help you understand the results to make better commercial decisions

With the tools and analysis provided by Tracc, you’ll be able to tangibly measure your return on investment.

Step Five


Finally, the last step in the Tracc 360 approach is one of continual improvement. We’ll put together a review process, which will enable you to:

  • Understand your campaign results
  • Optimise ongoing performance
  • Influence the performance of future campaigns

The learning gained from this will help you to optimise future strategy and improve results.

Tracc 360 delivers a service that goes far beyond video production.

Tracc Internal – “The Better Framework”

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