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Alex Stewart International

Alex Stewart International has been established since 1978 and is globally recognised as a leading provider of quality independent inspection and analysis services to the metals & minerals and agricultural sectors.


ASI came to us with a particular idea in mind: they wanted to show the process that went into the sampling and analysis of precious metals. We then spoke with them about their objectives and taught ourselves about the process so that we could appropriately translate the terminology into a clear, engaging script to form the basis of the film.


Our approach was to use one of our well experienced Directors of Photography in collaboration with our Production Manager to create the script and form a structure that took inspiration from TV’s ‘How Its Made’ series. With this intriguing, informational influence, we drove up to Liverpool to bring it to life.


The resulting piece of content was 1 longer, documentary style explanation of ASI’s sampling process, which was further edited into 3 social media edits. These social media edits were split between a ‘Trailer’, a ‘Step-by-Step’ short edit and a ‘Safety at Work’ edit. This is a great example of how, when we approach a film,  we also shoot more than we need to allow for new opportunities.


The resulting videos are engaging, creative but still effective in showing ASI as a leading provider in sampling and analysis. From 1 day of filming, they also have 4 pieces of content to now use in their marketing strategies.

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