ARCC Bikes

ARCC Bikes is an engineering firm based in Cambridge that creates both bikes and their e-bike conversion kits.


ARCC wanted to find a way to increase sales and accurately, but not exclusively, allocate a stronger image of audience for their Brompton and Moulton bikes. The Moulton being more for the older, casual rider and the Brompton being for more the city dwelling commuter, looking for a sweat-free journey.


For this piece of content, we used our ‘pay on results’ model where a smaller fee was taken to cover our costs at the beginning, for remaining payment then dependent on a per-leads basis. We decided that the success of this was really built around the pre-production phase; we needed to really integrate ourselves in the company’s objectives. After a few, developing calls, we sketched out an idea that we needed 2 films, 1 per bike and 3 models. We would have 2 models to play an older couple for the Moulton and  ‘young professional’ for the Brompton.


Once we had the approach, we took to the streets of Cambridge for 2 days of filming, 1 inside a studio to show the full features of the bikes and 1 outside. The style was designed as less corproate and more like a televised advert, providing 2 videos that concise, sleek and tell a story behind who these bikes are designed for.


As this project was based on our results model, we helped to define ARCCs marketing campaign and lent our expertise in the area to consult them on the best way forward.

As a result, their conversions and sales increased and their YouTube Channel has risen in popularity, also.

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