Cataclean produce a range of ‘all in one’ cleaning products for your engine, fuel and exhaust system that can reduce a vehicle’s emissions by up to 60%*. It can also restore performance and improve fuel economy and is widely recognised as a global market leader in the world of internal engine cleaning products.


Cataclean, following the COVID 19 Pandemic, wanted to warn the public about the dangers of short-stop journeys and dormancy when it comes to the health of their cars, while also driving more sales to their range of distributor sites.

To do this they came to us to develop an effective video campaign to engage an audience by educating them and, as a result, enticing them to buy the product. All while using the best use of budget possible.


We knew that there was an interesting explainer piece to be told, but we also knew that audiences attention spans are difficult to hold. So we decided to create a punchy, informational animated piece that opened directly onto the problem.

Our approach was to take the direction in-house and liaise directly with an animator to keep costs down, and put the leftover budget towards a heightened campaign of promotion.


The resulting structure of animation explained the problem behind driving less and the long term effects it has on a car, with Cataclean being introduced as the simple solution to the fear. Building on a broad demographic, we centered our audience for the piece around the idea that with Cataclean, “you don’t have to be a mechanic to fix the problem” – this allowed us to build a script that was informative but not overly wordy or term-heavy.

On top of this we accompanied the piece with suggestions for organic usage of the video and a guaranteed 20k views campaign, optimized for conversions across YouTube pre-roll and google ads placement. Once both video and promotion were done, we began catching up with Cataclean to develop a larger strategy of extended promotion and repurposed content.


The result was an engaging, educational and ultimately valuable piece of animation that made both the problem and the solution clear to the audience. Within the guaranteed 20k views campaign, we achieved 665k impressions, 619 clicks, 91 conversions making a view rate of 3.13%, a conversion rate (views) of 0.44% and a CTR (views) of 2.99%.

With a product like Cataclean, it is also likely that many of those 665k impressions and the 20k qualified views (having watched 30seconds or more) will have gone on to later buy the product in store. The stats above merely measure those converted to buy online. We are further working with Cataclean to find ways to measure the impact of the video in stores.

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