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In todays market, there’s never a shortage of film production services so what sets us apart? Quite simply, we’re more than just the cameras we use. We’re an interdisciplinary agency here to help you with more than just ‘the pretty pictures’. We help you develop a worthwhile content strategy to get you the best return on investment. We then produce that content and show you how best to use it. More than just your video producer, we’re your video partner.

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Strategy & Content Planning

Tracc’s Video Strategy always starts with our Insight phase. We’re thirsty to know more about your target audience. We find out who you want to target and what sort of content they consume. Once we’ve built up an audience profile we analyse the content gaps i.e. what topics they’re searching for and deliver a set of content options for you to consider ranked by search popularity.

From this we can help you develop a full-serviced content plan that walks the walk just as much as it talks. This means a series of films (or just a few) that are considered, developed and tailored to the specific needs of your business at that particular time. Video is an essential tool in 2022 but we’ll never just jump into a project if we don’t think its right for you. Video is about getting the messaging, objectives and visuals right. If it doesn’t work for you, then why do it?

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Documentary Filmmaking

Our production team oozes with broadcast experience across TV, commercials, film, brand and digital platforms. We’ve built up a team of multi-faceted talent that gets matched with the topic and style of film that you need. When it comes to Documentary Filmmaking, we use Directors & Camera Operators who are most at-home in journalism. Using their knowledge gained while working across BBC, Sky, ITV and more, we can craft an interesting, informative and engaging piece of film that tells the best story in the most effective way.
Our approach to Documentary Filmmaking allows us to get to the bottom of what your company’s most unique story is and how best to tell it.

Events Coverage

There is an art to covering events; it’s more than just setting up a couple of cameras and hoping for the best. To really make the most of the time we have at any event, we make sure we create a comprehensive timeline of where we need to be and when. We work with you to establish the strongest focus across the event and even on the most planned of shoots, keep a keen eye out for opportunities. Often some of the best shots and moments come from the most unexpected of developments and creating space and time to make sure we’re there to capture it is essential.

As with all our films, we can adjust our talents and approaches to your needs and budget. We will be open and honest about what the minimum is needed to create something of quality, but from there we can add and remove according to your needs.

Remote Filming

The impact of COVID is here to stay and that means more
people are working from home. More than that, we realised how often people don’t have enough time to be filmed all in the same place. As a result, we’ve refined a process to enable us to combine the innovation of video conferencing software with our knowledge of technology.

We are able to create videos filmed remotely but with a quality that says otherwise. We will always encourage you to film in-person shoots as much as possible as there can be a difference, but we also care about what is safest and what is possible. If a remote filming is preferred, we have the tools and knowledge to create a first class piece of film still.

The Masterclass Series

The Masterclass series is a collection of episodic pieces on business excellence to inspire higher ambition and encourage growth within the small business community.

At it’s core, it aims to do 2 things:

1 – Give engaging & dynamic business leaders the platform, structure and guidance to successfully share their knowledge and position themselves as experts in their industry.

2 – Provide a resource for other business leaders that have achieved some success but have their sights set on more. These videos set out to create influential and inspiring takeaways that leave even the most seasoned professional with something new to potentially pivot their business with.

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